Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Maloca Glamping open its doors with Ctents

Three Ctents have been used in this fantastic new resort

Last weekend Maloca Glamping - a new glamping resort at Guasca, Colombia - opened its doors to offer to the local and foreign public a place to stay and have an encounter with nature and with themselves.

 MALOCA GALMPINGCtents on wooden platform

The owners of the glamping have selected Ctents as the luxury glamping tents to equipe their resort.

Ctents, breakfast at bed

They have been very careful with the environment and very respectful to the nature and they have accomplished a very attractive tourist development, completely integrated in the middle of the forest.

Ctents in forest

The three Ctents used are of model Ctents Easy Porch 450 of 10 m2. They have been installed on wodden platforms that include a nice terrace, from where to have a spectacular view of the sorrounding valley.

Guasca view from Ctents

At the glamping site, a full service is offered, with a nice restaurant where the selected clients can have a nice dinner or lunch and they can also to have their breakfast served at their tents.

Luxury tent Ctents, with bed

Ctents have a PVC flysheet separated about 30 cm from the inner body which protects the users against rain and keep the tent always dry inside. This configuration is ideal for the rainy place where Maloca is located.

Other impressive achievement for this fantastic resort has been the ability of their owners to develop the complete resort, from the idea in their minds to the full opening to the public, in just six months.

When night falls, a new extraordinary experience begins under the stars.

Luxury glamping tents Ctents, night view at Guasca, Colombia

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Ctents in "LUXURY rich & famous"

An article on Ctents has just been published in "LUXURY rich & famous", the only magazine on luxury  in Romania.

The issue, corresponding to May '17, has been just released this week .

If you do not master Romanian, don't mind, find translation of the article below.

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Ctents luxury tents in Luxury rich and famous magazine, Romania.

Ctents, luxury glamping tents in Luxury rich and famous magazine. Romania

Ctents, luxury glamping tents in Luxury rich and famous magazine. Romania
English/Spanish translation

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Glamping wedding, have a great time!

How to choose the best tents to have a great glamping wedding?

Ctents, glamping wedding at lake
Glamping wedding at lake
The human beings who lives in cities needs to recover contact with nature. This is one of the powerful reasons that are increasingly driving glamping around the world, and one of its trends, after the luxury resorts and tented music festivals with glamping areas, are glamping weddings.

Glamping wedding at the beach Ctents
Glamping wedding at the beach
It is an unstoppable trend that disrupts wedding celebrations, in which the banquet and disco had a traditional role, and at the same time begin to recover, without realizing that, the oldest tradition in which guests to the wedding spent several spare days celebrating with the bride and groom.

Glamping weddings consist of this, camping in nature, but now without giving up the comfort of a hotel accommodation.

Glamping wedding at night Ctents
Glamping wedding at night
This form of celebration in which the guests are housed in a tent at an attractive natural environment, allows a return to the campfire that always stimulates the lively conversations, shared experiences and  music, and facilitates the relationship between the attendees.

The glamping weddings are getting more and more presence among the preferences of the brides and grooms and therefore are emerging more and more companies offering this type of service.

Ctents Luxury Glamping suite
Glamping suite for bride and groom
If you are thinking of organizing a glamping wedding, there are some details that you should take into account in order to make the experience of your relatives, friends and guests a memorable experience in which unforeseen accidents that coul ruin your wedding cannot arise and the comfort of the accommodation is an element of an unforgettable experience.

In all the weddings, it is quite normal for some of the guests to drink some more alcohol than it would be advisable, which leads to a less balance control, so, it is essential not to incorporate obstacles in the space destined to the celebration that could cause accidents.

Glamping wedding, family accomodation Ctents
Glamping wedding, family accomodation
It is well known that most tents on the market need guy ropes to keep them firmly in place. The ropes represent a double obstacle, on the one hand, it is a thin rope tramp that crosses the surrounding space around the tents, and on the other, the pegs are elements where easyly step on, if not enough attention is given, either due to distractions or to the effects of alcohol, or to both together, the fall is assured, which can turn a memorable happy celebration into a bad memory.

Glamping wedding at the forest, Ctents
Glamping wedding at the forest
In addition, for the guests’ comfort, who are going to have to change their dresses during the time of celebration, what they are going to do in the interior of their glamping tents, it is imperative that the tents have the sufficient height, so that it is possible to stand in them with comfort and to move freely, without obstacles inside, so that one can feel at home, or as in the best hotel room.

Finally, a key element for the comfort of the guests is the inner temperature, always lower at night and higher in the sunlight, sometimes in excess. To achieve this, it is imperative that the chosen tents have an effective thermal insulation system that reduces the inner temperature in the summer and allows a more pleasant inner temperature during the night.

Glamping comfort at nature, Ctents
Glamping comfort at nature
To achieve a glamping wedding that all guests remember in an unforgettable way it is a must to choose high quality glamping tents that offer all these characteristics: free of obstacles inside and around, inner amplitude that allows to move freely with comfort and thermal isolation.

by Ricardo Benítez Robredo

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Monday, December 5, 2016

What to expect from a luxury glamping tent?

Craftsmanship and luxury glamping tents, something that shouldn't go separated.
When we think of luxury products we usually think of products that have been developed with care by experienced artisans, of stories of fine craftsmanship, of products which have been produced with time enough, with no hurries, products that can stand for many years to come, that can be distinguished by its high quality and that will differentiate their owners and give them a touch of distinction.

When we hear talk about luxury glamping tents it is becoming more and more common to find that quite a lot of standard tents are considered to be luxury tents only for their inner decoration or the site where they have been set up. 

But, as it happens with a luxury home, a luxury yacht or a luxury car, a standard tent can hardly be considered a luxury one, because it is not only about a fine decoration issue, it is also important to find the signs of luxury in every corner and detail of the tent.

ERebull, the 
 manufacturer of luxury glamping tents Ctents, has brought together several disciplines in order to produce a final product that can be appreciated for its high quality.

First of all the industrial design, Emilio Rebull who studied architecture in Canada, is the designer of Ctents. He has been working in industrial design and architecture for more than thirty years and has put to work all his knowledge on Ctents design.

The company has brought together a group of skilled workers and artisanal workshops specialized in sewing, and metal and fiberglass works like cutting, folding, mechanizing or welding.

Also the Ctents team has make a thorough selection of the materials used in the tents: fabrics, zippers, fiberglass, steel and every single component needed to produce the tent.

A care hand work, piece by piece, allows to reach the highest standards in each detail.

The result: a glamping luxury tent that can stand firmly adverse weather conditions, hundreds of assembly/dissasembly operations and last for years.

Every unit is checked before it is shipped to the customer and the experience of the clients is analized carefully in order to continuosly improve the tents design and performance.

Every detail has been thought having in mind the user's comfort; pieces that are strong and robust enough and that have been made with care and, of course, have been well designed.

A highly experienced team of craftspersons put their wisdom in every detail to reach the highest quality, so clients can be satisfied because they really get what they are paying for.

Find more at www.ctents.com and join now the exclusive club of Ctents owners.

by Ricardo Benítez Robredo

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lightning protection in tents

A tent is expected to be a shelter, be sure it is.

When someone is using a tent, the first expectation is having a place where to shelter when the weather is not friendly enough to be outside the tent, enjoying nature, enjoying a music festival or doing any other outdoor activity, private or public, alone or sharing the activity with hundreds or thousands of people.

Once you have your tent set up , this is the first place you will think going to while looking for shelter when a storm starts.

If it is only a matter of rain, even heavy rain, the trick is to have a good tent which can stand the rain without letting the water getting into, an which is able to avoid any leakage so the water does not disturb you, while you are comfortably sheltered inside your tent.

But, what happens when it is not only about of water but also about of lightning?
Lightning struck
Lightning struck

Lightning strikes are more dangerous than an urban person is usually able to imagine. 

A 2003 report from the Royal Aeronautical Society from Arizona, US, point out that "a tent in a campground with trees nearby is specially unsafe from lightning" and reports 29 cases with 136 casualties and 11 deaths, of which more than a half of killed or injured people were staying inside or nearby the tent.
World lightning distribution
Lightning ditribution

The image shows distribution of lightning around the world in a map from UK Met Office.Statistics by http://www.lightningmaps.org/ show that more than 44 million of lightning strikes happened in US during 2015, more than 24 in Europe and more than 3 in Oceania.
Graphs: Lightning Strokes
Lightning strikes in the US-2015
Also, the US Army's Guide for Lightning Protective Measures for Personnel, Jan 2002 states that

"The most severe mishaps occur while troops were in the field, sleeping in tents. Lightning then strikes nearby, to a tree or even to the tent pole and the resulting current from the strike affects soldiers nearby."

Past Friday June 3rd, 71 people were injured by lightning at the Rock am Ring festival in the west German town of Mendig, where there were more than 90,000 music fans, many of them hosted under tents.
Rock am Ring festival, at Mending, Germany.

Rock am Ring festival, at Mending, Germany
Rock am Ring festival, at Mending, Germany (http://www.express.co.uk/)
So far, most of the existing tents in the market have metal or carbon fiber poles and this is also a major reason for the lightning danger, these materials are both electricity conductive materials so they act as a magnet for the lightning when it strikes nearby. And it is important to know that a person can be injured while staying nearby it not necessarily touching it.

To improve protection against lightning, tents should avoid having metal or carbon fiber poles. Glass fiber is a good option because is not a conductive material so it will never attracts lightning striking around, avoiding therefore the lightning striking the tent and keeping safer the people sheltered inside. Spite that, it is worthy to remember that only big shelter structures such as buildings or metal-topped vehicles with metal sides should be used as preferred shelter places.

The Us Army guide recommendations should be follow in order to assure protection under storm while lightnings striking.

- Move to a substantial building, a permanent structure, or a structure specifically designed as a lightning shelter. 
- Stay within metal vehicles. 
- Move to a low-lying area.
- Minimize contact with electrical equipment during lightning activity, 

And do not: 
- Remain in an open area.
- Move near tall objects such as trees or poles.
 -Remain in water.
 -Remain near metal fences, tracks, etc
 -Remain on hilltops or other high ground.
 -Remain in tents.

Ctents the only lightning protective tent
Ctents, tent with safer lightning-protective fiberglass structure

And if unable to take shelter, people should move to as low a spot as possible and crouch with feet closely together. Any objects that may produce a metallic upward projection, should be removed and placed horizontally on the ground nearby. 

Visit now our website www.ctents.com and choose your model, size and preferred colour.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Costs reduction for mobile safari owners

With the appropiate tent, the costs for organizing a mobile safari tented camp can be significantly reduced.

Mobile safaris are at top of luxury personalized tourism offers.

But to set up a tented camp in the middle of the African bush, 400 or 500 km away from nearest village is not an easy job.
Usually, the best lodging solution you can offer to your guests at the mobile camp involves more people having to work for preparing the camp as you want to offer a better quality experience. 
Do you want to offer them a wide space inside nice tents for them feeling really comfortable? 
 Then, if you use traditional tents, you have to think on heavier and more difficult to set up tents than if you just want to offer to your guests a place where to sleep inside with minimum space needed. And if your tents have to use guy ropes then your guest will not feel as much comfortable as they could because they will have to be aware the guy ropes to avoid running into them and falling down at night while walking around the tents.
As more people you need to transport and set up the tented camp, more food and more vehicle space are needed, not only for the staff but also to carry the usual heavy tents - what implies more fuel costs –. But these are not the most costly issues, you also will have to pay for your staff personnel entering the national parks or natural reserves. So, it seems to be clear that reducing the number of persons per square meter needed for setting up the tents and the time for assembly/disassembly them, can be valuable enough and can payback fast.
The reduction of setting up and down time, can leave more time to the staff to prepare all the other services for the guests, so they will be able to devote their time to the other issues of the service more easily appreciated by the clients, like dinner or lining, while keeping your staff untired for these other tasks.
But, is it possible to find tents that can offer a wide space inside while being lightweight and can be assembled/disassembled in a short period of time?
These features and more are now offered by newly designed Ctents. 
Mobile safari owners can enjoy now: walk-in solution mosquito net protected, with a wide space inside, incredibly fast assembly/disasembly time, fewer staff per square meter needed to set up or down the mobile tented safari camp, reduced transport space and weight, the possibility to be set up the tents on any terrain without any tool needed; all that, while offering a robust structure and a comfortable space. Also there is an added advantage: as Ctents are modular, several of them can be joined together to offer a wider space to guests and to prepare a large enough dinning room or other facilities for them.
Mobile safari owners will not have to decide anymore about the balance between comfort and the ability to pack the camp into a truck, camel or mule train and move to a new camp location, thanks to Ctents exclusive structural system. 
Just in case you decide the guest have to set up the tents, the easy "color coded" and "just by hand" assembñly system can be used as a funny competition game between them.

By using these new generation tents, you can offer to your clients one step ahead in your mobile safari service while making it easier to go deeper into the African bush and to follow the migratory herds on their annual journey through the different wild open spaces or to travel with the natural flow of the wildebeest.

Resultado de imagen de africa manadas de animales

Visit our website www.ctents.com now and choose your model, size and preferred colour.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

What I need a camping tent for, if I already have my own camper?

Sometimes a bit of freedom helps a lot!

A friend of mine is used to travel with his family on his camper. He is quite happy because he can go everywhere he (or his family) wants.

Even thoug, no everything is so nice, there are some inconviniences. When they have been for several days traveling along their journey, the spaces becomes a bit too small for his children, his wife and himself and it is quite difficult to find an intimacy moment for the couple and even for himself.
Resultado de imagen de camperHe likes the freedom of driving along any road and look for a place to stay overnight. They have their home wherever they go and they do not need to enter into a hotel room that has been used by other people before, or into a bathroom that is no "theirs", even if it is suposedly very clean up after the last guests' stay.

Sometimes during the trip it would be nice to have a private extra site appart from the other members of the family. To be together many days, many hours on a small space is like an ellectrical clowd that is recharging day by day, hour by hour until the thunder explodes. Human beings, even the ones that love a lot themselves as a nice family like my friends' one, need some private space to discharge the extra "electrical charge" accumulated by a long coexistence period of time inside a small space.

He has an extension to make a cover space outside beside the camper, but this is not very comfortable specially in rainy days or very sunny days. When it rains, the extra space doesn't provide intimacy neither is far enough from the camper, so everyone still feels like been over the others.
That is the reason he decided to rent a trailer tent few years ago. He was so happy thinking they were having an extra space to expand their spirits and recharge their good feelings towards the other members of his family. It worked pretty well. When the discussions between children were becoming annoying one of the parents took one of the children outside the camper to the tent, mounted next by the camper, but at a prudential distance. Or when the children wanted to play they could go inside the tent without disturbing their parents in rainy days, also as my friend confessed to me he went a few times to the tent to spend a couple of hours alone, just reading, without his family being around him. 

The system worked quite well. But there was another problem: Carrying all the travel with a trailer tent, behind the camper, was not an easy task. Sometimes he forgot he was carrying it and it started to jump on the not well pavimented roads. It wasn't easy either to find a park space for both the camper and the trailer, and when they went into a camping, the cost went higher than previous years, and, worst!, He had to select very well the places they went and avoid very winding roads, roads without problems for the camper but not so easy to drive with the trailer tent behind. Appart from the extracost in fuel and the difficulties while driving under strong winds. It was like a little nightmare so my frined decided not to use the trailer tent anymore.

Resultado de imagen de driving camper with towingAfter all that expirience he has discover this year Ctents, a tent that provide him and his family a covered space in only 15 minutes and that he can carry inside the locker of his camper. So there is no need to incorporate any trailer to the camper for their holidays, the tent has all what they need, a covered space that can be devided into different rooms, a ground sheet to isolate them from insects or reptiles and, of course, from water or mud, and what is better, an air chamber that reduces the heat outside up to ten degrees Celsius less inside.

Now he can enjoy hos free time with his family and his camper without any of the inconviniences associated with a trailer tent, neither those associated to have not an extra space for the expansion of the family individuals, together or separated.

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